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    Please login or register to view links It is composed in 4-fold consumption of low-fat cottage cheese (100 g in keeping with consumption) with wheat bran (2 teaspoons consistent with 100 g of the principle product, in this situation curd). Preparing a dish like this: meals bran is steamed with boiling water, allowed to stand for half an hour, drain the liquid and swollen bran is blended with cottage cheese. You can upload berries, culmination, vegetables, and even honey or juice. No extra than five days - that is the length of this weight loss plan. The third version of the cottage cheese food plan provides kefir as a supplement to the primary product. Curd-kefir weight loss plan additionally refers to complicated mono diets; anyhow it's far impossible to get worried in it, because it threatens to a sure depletion of the frame. Or, rather, take nutritional dietary supplements and / or a vitamin complicated at some point of this weight loss plan. The essence of the curd-kefir diet: five instances a day, you ought to eat 120 g of cottage cheese of nine percent fat content material and drink 1 cup of kefir. You can drink water without restrictions. To motel to cottage cheese diets may be no more than 2 times for the duration of the year. Curd diet is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women, as well as children. Diet in step with the Kovalkov technique is of precise reputation due to the truth that it become tested by means of a nutritionist on himself. He managed to put off a few dozen extra pounds through a developed energy scheme, which he offers to all people in his sanatorium. It is hard to call this approach just a weight-reduction plan, because it does not have a clearly defined scheme and a list of consumed products. Rather, it looks like a way of life, in preference to a food machine with tight regulations, supplied by way of almost any food plan. Diet Kovalkova presents only one ban - easy carbohydrates and ingredients containing them. Often, weight advantage is associated with the abuse of goodies, flour merchandise and starchy aspect dishes as easy carbohydrates contained in them do now not bring blessings to the body and are deposited in fats.

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    حمایت از ما = نظردادن شما در پستها ! همین !

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